Rank Advancement Ceremony & Family Camping

We are excited that the Rank Advancement Ceremony & Family Camping is approaching quickly.  The Rank Advancement Ceremony celebrates the completion of requirements for Bobcat, Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos ranks, and for the Arrow of Light Award.  We are getting everything ready at the moment!

ATTENTION!! The date of this event have been changed to MAY 13 – 14 (Sat – Sun) 12:00PM – 9:00AM (3:00 pm Ceremony).

Food will be served Free Of Charge!! Please let your Den Leader know how many people are attending so we can get the food ready!

Bring your scouts and family to attend this meaningful event!

2017 Blue and Gold Luncheon

Camp scene

Hello Pack 703 Families!

Pack 703’s annual Blue and Gold Luncheon is fast approaching (Saturday, March 25th, 11am-1pm.)  This event is where we celebrate our Webelo II’s crossing over into the Boy Scouts and serves as our Pack Meeting for the month of March.  We will have fun GAMES and ACTIVITIES, FOOD and lots of RAFFLE PRIZES to give away.

Our Theme for this year is Around the Campfire and that means we will have lots of camping and hiking-related atmosphere and activities, and it’s very appropriate since those things are so important to Scouting.

Each Rank will be responsible for some contributions to help make the event a success.

As usual, each Rank will be responsible for a single table centerpiece that should be designed with the “Around the campfire” theme in mind, so it should reflect Camping, Hiking and/or Scouting in general.  Den Leaders, please work with your individual ranks to make that a reality and perhaps we will judge the centerpieces and award a prize or two based on quality or how aptly the piece fits the theme.

Aside from that, each Rank will be responsible for one menu item according to the following list:

Tigers: Coleslaw
Wolves: Potato Salad
Bears: Drinks
Webelo I: Fruit

So far our registered count for this event is at 75 or so, but we hope to get that closer to or surpassing 100 so I would plan for your menu items to be part of a meal for around 100.

If you are reading this and have not registered then you can do so by contacting our Events Coordinator Britni Cress.  All Scouts are encouraged to attend at no cost and any guests of theirs will be registered at a cost of only $5 per person (children under 4 are also free).  Payment can be arranged for whenever is convenient.

We will also be collecting at the Blue and Gold for a Canned Food Drive so that we can give back to our community.  Please bring any pantry items that we can add to that collection.

Where: First United Methodist Church, 56 Whitlock Ave SW, Marietta, GA 30064 (the same church where we had the Pinewood Derby, although a different room)

When: Saturday, March 25th, 11am-1pm

If you would like to volunteer to assist with setup before the event then please contact me here.

For any questions about the event, please email myself or Britni Cress.

Thanks everyone!  Looking forward to having a great luncheon!

Assistant Cubmaster Tim

Register for Summer Day Camp!

Hello Pack 703 Families!

Registration is open for Cub Scout Summer Day Camp and I wanted to write to let all of you know a little about it so that we can get everyone who is interested signed up before our Pack registers prior to the April deadline.

Cub Scout Summer Day Camp is put on by the BSA’s Silver Comet District and is a week-long of fun for the Scouts.  As a parent volunteer from last year, I can verify that all of the attending campers had an incredibly fun week and it’s a very affordable camp that your child(ren) will love.

Here is the official description:
Day Camp is an outdoor experience where Cub Scouts participate in individual and team sports, games, crafts, explore nature, and work on achievements, electives, and activity badges.  Boys have fun in the outdoors, that’s Cub Scout Day Camp.

This year’s theme is Creepy Crawlers and should include a lot of information about bugs and spiders.  Among other fun activities there will be Archery, BB Guns, Water bottle rockets and slingshots.  Last year they had a rock wall, compass activities and nature hikes, and much more.

Pack Deadline – Around April 1st we will be finalizing our materials together to submit our Pack registration, so if you are thinking of attending then please let myself (Tim Gambon), Britni Cress or Ashley Hardeman know so that we can help you to get any applications and health forms submitted in time.  We will be accepting registrations at the Blue and Gold Luncheon on March 25th and other opportunities to give us the forms and payment can be arranged.

Dates of camp – June 5th thru 9th

Camp Location – Kennesaw United Methodist Church, 1801 Ben King Road, Kennesaw

Cost – $120 per Scout for the week (parents volunteering to help for the Camp week can take $20 off)

What you need to participate

  • A Cub Camp application filled out (Application Link Here)
  • Health Forms A & B filled out (Health Forms Link Here )
  • And of course a check for your payment
  • All above turned in to a Pack or Den Leader before April 1st

General District Website for more detailed information

Volunteers! – As I mentioned earlier, I was a volunteer for the Camp week last Summer (as were a few of our other Pack parents) and cannot recommend it highly enough.  It’s very fun and you will likely get to interact with your Scout(s) throughout the week and participate in the many fun activities that are available.  In addition to being very fun, it helps our Pack as we need to have one Adult volunteer for every 3 Scouts that attend the Camp from our Pack.  And again, there is a $20 discount on the Scout Camp fee if you volunteer all week.  So if you are interested in volunteering or just want to know more then please contact myself, Britni or Ashley.

Pixies – Smaller children of volunteers (3 and up, potty-trained) can be looked after in the Pixie program at the Camp all week for $75

I hope that many families are able to take advantage of this great program this Summer, please let me know if I can help answer any questions or make the process of registering easier for you.

Assistant Cubmaster Tim

Pinewood Derby results are in!

The Pack 703 Pinewood Derby is complete!  Thanks for all of the Scouts (and parents) who worked on their really cool and speedy cars to help make this a super fun event! We had faster cars than ever this year!

The 2017 Grand Champion was Blake Jervey of the Bears!  Blake was also the best shooter at the Turkey Shoot in the Fall, if you remember, so good for him on his consistent excellence!

Our Best in Show winner was Heath Tucker with a really sharp and sporty-looking vehicle.  Runners-up for Best in Show were Sean Donoghue (or maybe it was Patrick, I’m sorry) and Tyler Steinman.

Here are the per-Rank standings as we finished the day (I apologize for the poor formatting):


PlaceNameAverage MPH
FirstCaleb Weaver203.34
SecondAlex Kelley198.49
ThirdSean Donoghue196.75
FourthPatrick Donoghue196.55


PlaceNameAverage MPH
FirstJosiah Weaver203.37
SecondCaleb Cress200.54
ThirdTyler Steinman198.52
FourthAlex Noll198.30
FifthCaden Gambon188.77
SixthJonathan Wu175.15


PlaceNameAverage MPH
FirstBlake Jervey205.57
SecondCaleb Bailey200.51
ThirdGarrett Osterling199.10
FourthMax Neisler198.36
FifthJackson Kelley196.40
SixthChristopher Huang190.59
SeventhAlex Pugh186.05

Webelos I/II:

PlaceNameAverage MPH
FirstRyan Donoghue201.84
SecondQuinn Hill198.85
ThirdWyatt Frazier198.09
FourthHeath Tucker197.67
FifthLuke Berthelot189.10
SixthDaniel Chunn185.41


PlaceNameAverage MPH
FirstEmma Bailey205.48
SecondNora Hill197.38
ThirdGabe Kelley187.03

The Champions Final:

PlaceNameAverage MPH
FirstBlake Jervey206.32
SecondCaleb Weaver205.67
ThirdEmma Bailey205.59
FourthJosiah Weaver203.69
FifthRyan Donoghue202.53
SixthWyatt Frazier197.66

Please Note: Any Scouts scoring in the top 4 of their Rank are eligible to register to race in the District Pinewood Derby. No proof or documentation is required, as far as we can tell. Just Scout’s honor!

There is a bit of a conflict with the District Pinewood Derby and our Pack 703 Blue and Gold Luncheon which takes place the same day, March 25th (despite our best efforts to avoid conflict.) But, depending on your Rank, timing and level of success at the District Derby, there is a chance that you might be able to attend both. We apologize for that inconvenience!

To see details regarding schedule, location and registering for the Silver Comet District Pinewood Derby, please see this link:

I have posted pictures that I took at our Pack picture website on Shutterfly at this link:

Please add your own event pictures!  If you don’t already have access then all that you need is a free Shutterfly.com account and to request access, which I am usually able to grant immediately.

I know this post is already very long, but we need to briefly acknowledge the various helpers that made this Pinewood Derby event possible:

  • Greg Steinman, Brian Huang and Steve Noll for the track transport and setup
  • WC Frazier for getting our laptop software working and showing us how to use it
  • Steve Noll for running the computer and keeping score during the event
  • Greg and Nina Steinman for placing and launching the derby cars on the track throughout the event
  • Lori Osterling and her whole family for providing the refreshments and manning the table all day long!
  • Karen Gambon and Elisa Bailey (and her brother) for performing car inspections and weigh-ins, general site setup/decoration and handling events registration
  • Karen Gambon again for arranging and providing the medals and trophies for the winning Scouts
  • Our Best in Show judging panel consisted of: Samantha Steinman, Danielle Weaver and Jackie Kelley
  • Samantha Steinman again for presenting awards to the winners
  • To First United Methodist Church for hosting us at their excellent facility
  • And to many of the various parents who were so eager to assist in the clean-up after the event (and anyone I missed, sorry!)

And finally a general thanks to all of the Scouts and families who spent the time to customize a derby car and participate and making today a great and fun day!!

Assistant Cubmaster Tim

Pinewood Derby is coming up fast! Final Details here

Hello Pack 703 Families!

I hope everyone is getting ready to race! !

We are now just over a week away from our Pinewood Derby Weigh-ins with the actual Derby taking place the following morning. Here are all the details you should need:

The address of the church where the Weigh-ins and Racing will take place is:
First United Methodist Church
56 Whitlock Ave SW
Marietta, GA 30064

We plan to have some refreshments available this year for those who just want a snack, those not wishing to leave the site between races or who would like to watch other ranks compete. Please bring some cash if it’s possible you will want to take advantage of that; prices will be very reasonable.

The Pinewood Derby is also the last meeting where we will accept registration and payment for the Blue and Gold Luncheon which takes place on March 25th from 11am til 1pm where we celebrate all of the Scouts and witness the final transition of the Webelo IIs to Boy Scout Troops.  This year’s theme is Around the Campfire and we have a lot of fun activities and prizes planned. The cost is free for Scouts and only $5 for other attendees.

Important dates and times to know:

Friday, February 17th – 7pm-8:30pm – Weigh-ins and event setup

  • Come and weigh your car and lend a hand setting up the room if you have a few spare minutes
  • Cars will be kept overnight after weigh-in and examination (with fierce guard dogs on patrol all night)
  • Scouts whose cars do not meet the Silver Comet District’s ruleset (Silver Comet District Rules PDF) will be given a chance to resolve their issue with some of the tools and parts we will have available. Those cars which cannot be made to conform to the rules will race with the siblings.

Saturday, February 18th – Times Vary – Pinewood Derby Races

Racing times per rank (estimated). Remember, times may start later, but they will not start earlier than published.
9:00 am – Doors Open – Brief Announcements
9:15 am – Tigers Race
9:45 am – Wolves Race
10:30 am – Bears Race
11:00 am – Web 1s Race
11:30 am – Web 2s Race
11:50 am – Siblings Race
12:15 pm – Grand Finale Race of the Winners in each category!

Follow this LINK to see a view of the church parking areas and the location of the Pinewood Derby:

You can also view more information about Pack 703’s Pinewood Derby on THIS PAGE.

Please contact myself, Tim Gambon (tgambon@bellsouth.net), or our Events Coordinator Britni Cress (events.703@gmail.com) with any questions you might have regarding this event.

Let’s get ready to have fun!!

Assistant Cubmaster Tim

Upcoming Pack 703 Meetings and Event Info

Hello Pack 703!

We hope to see you at our upcoming Pack Meeting scheduled for this Monday, January 23 at 6:45PM. Before and after the meeting, you will be able to sign up for Cumberland Caverns Camping (April 29-30) as well as our Blue & Gold Luncheon (March 25).  See below for details on both events:


Cumberland Caverns Camping:

Camp-out underground in the “10-Acre Room” with all the comforts a true caveman or cavewoman would expect, including fully functional underground restrooms.  The cost for this event is $49.39 per person and includes the Daily Scenic Walking Tour, Rocky Topper Caving Tour, and breakfast in the Volcano Room.

The Daily Scenic Walking Tour takes about 1½  hours to complete.  You will view stalagmites and stalactites.  The cave surface is dirt and rock, there are steps and slopes to walk up and down.

The Rocky Topper Caving Tour is a 2.5-3 hour tour. We recommend bringing a flashlight and a change of clothes for this one!  There will be muddy passages, tight squeezes and cave crawling.  View spectacular gypsum crystals and enjoy unsurpassed underground sights and formations.

Check in will be at 5:30pm  on Saturday, April 29th and leave the next morning between 8-8:30.  Breakfast at 7:30am served in the volcano room. Minimum age requirement is 6 years old.

Cumberland Caverns is about 3 hours away from Kennesaw in McMinniville, TN.  Visit the Cumberland Caving Website to see more pictures or learn more about the experience!  http://cumberlandcaverns.com/


Blue & Gold Luncheon:

Join us as we celebrate the Anniversary of Scouting and watch as our Webelos cross over into Boy Scouts!  This event is the highlight of the year and will take place of our March pack meeting.  The cost for this event is $5 for each guest which covers the cost of food and drinks.  All scouts are free!  This year’s theme will be announced at the January pack meeting.



Britni Cress

Events Chair – Pack 703


Bring Your Kid Detectives!

Hello all,
There is an event going on at Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw Campus) this weekend that might interest some parents or dens. You can register as individuals or groups.

Georgia Youth Science & Technology Center, Inc. Kids Saturday Science

Who: 3rd-8th Grade Students

What: “The Bare Bones: Forensic Anthropology and the Human Skeleton”

When: January 21, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Where: Social Sciences Building, Room 4080

Registration Form Link

Picture Updates – December 2016

There have been some pictures added to our Pack Share site from a few of our recent events and meetings.  Please check them out and add any photos you might have from our recent events.


Note: If you don’t already have access to view and add photos to the photo share site then you can request access with a new or existing (free) shutterfly.com account and access is usually granted within minutes.



Friend of Scouting – OpenPlay Gaming Center

Congratulations to our Wolves for selling the most Popcorn of any rank in the Pack!  As a result, they are awarded two hours of video gameplay at the OpenPlay Gaming Center here in Kennesaw!

Open Play has given us a great discount for this reward and in return we want to encourage Pack 703 families to check them out and support a local small business.  Give your kids an affordable and fun period of playtime while the weather is cold or rainy and they are going stir crazy.

Open Play also offers Parents Nights Out frequently, if you need a date night.

Open Play Gaming Center
1600 Kennesaw Due West Rd, Suite 304
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Pinewood Derby Workshop!


Hello Again, Pack 703 Families!

Who’s looking forward to our Pinewood Derby?  I know I am!

Our Webelos I Den Leader-extraordinaire and Assistant Cubmaster, Tom Donoghue, has offered his home and workshop for Scouts who want some tools and/or assistance in customizing their Pinewood Derby Cars before the big event in February.  Other Scout parents in Tom’s Webelos I Den are lending him some additional tools as well to help us make this available to as many Scouts as possible.

The first workshop event will take place on December 18th from 3pm-5pm and it would be best if you signed up for approximately the time slot that you intend to arrive so that we don’t have 15-20 Scouts all trying to share and manipulate power tools simultaneously.  (Time slots are rough and strict adherence to your 30-minute window is not necessary.)

Tom’s home address is 3239 Waterhouse St NW in Kennesaw (send him and his 3-Scout family a Christmas card!)  Sign-up for a slot and if we fill up then we will likely host another workshop in January.

Here is the link to SignUpGenius to get your Scout a timeslot!

Date: 12/18/2016 (Sun.)
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm EST
Location: 3239 Waterhouse St NW, Kennesaw

Hope to see you guys there!

Assistant Cubmaster Tim